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How to register for Jobs Eternal Affiliate


In overview section of your dashboard you will gain your total balance (More precisely your commission), Commission rate, Today's total visitors, Closed transactions, Revenue.

Visitors means total users visit to our website through your link.

Closed transaction means total orders.

Revenue means the total commission your earned.

How to register for Jobs Eternal Affiliate


In Sales section you may check all orders placed by your link, There status (Processing, Completed, Refunded etc.

You may check sales between a fixed time by selecting From date and To date.

Payment history

In this section you may check your previous revenue, credited amount and earned commission. (In short this your passbook as you may check all your transaction here)


This is the most important section as you have to create your own special links to share via any method.

You have to enter any link from our website you may want to share and than click on generate referral URL/LINK.

You will get your special link to share.

NOTE: You may also choose already created text and/or image created by Jobs Eternal team to share on your website. Please note these will be HTML Code and you have to put on your website at a specific place.

How to register for Jobs Eternal Affiliate

Edit profile

You may change any information provided by you in this section.

You can also change your password and payment method in this section.

Please Note: Your new payment method will be effective from next month.

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